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Why? Two heads are better than one. You don’t know what you don’t know. Cooperation is king. Cocktail parties go better with lively conversation about local happenings. All the above, but more importantly, finding an opportunity that suits your skills or that simply interests you makes all the difference. You will have the power to make an impact and enjoy the rewards. Thank you for making the decision to get involved for a positive effect in your neighborhood and business.



Every meeting we want to highlight our non-profit neighbors. If you have a story and would like to bring it to the membership please contact Outreach

Events and Member Meetings

Events Director – Deb Jewell

Co-director – Patti Engle

host@hgba.biz, events@hgba.biz


Membership Director – Deborah Trnka

Co-director - Joe Turpin, Jason Knight, Karen David


Description: Focused on introducing the HGBA business owners and professionals in the community and responding to membership requests.


Ambassadors introducing HGBA to local businesses in the Gainesville, Haymarket and Bristow areas.

Identify business with a vested interest in the Haymarket area and find out how HGBA can be of assistance.


Communications Director – Bob Moe

Co-director – Doug Burum, Asha Bruot


Description: We are focused on communicating the HGBA messaging to the community, local media, speakers and membership support.

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